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Arduinometer, anyone?

On Sunday, I published an article showing how I’d built an Arduino-powered ethernet gas meter, to publish real-time gas meter readings to Pachube. Thanks to James Taylor ( who re-tweeted my initial tweet¬†highlighting it as potentially of interest to the #homecamp folks, within a few hours some 200 people had read the article, and I’ve […]

Assembling the Sparkfun Protoshield for Arduino

Yesterday I finished assembling the Sparkfun Arduino Protoshield (v2) (if you’re wondering what a ‘Protoshield’ is, be sure to read the footer of this post for a quick explanation). I chose to purchase the Protoshield kit so that I could deploy my Gas Meter-reading gadgetry in a relatively small, neat package. I previously purchased the […]

Arduino Traffic Lights – Take Two

Ok, so after starting my first project (yesterday: Arduino timer-based traffic lights), I decided to expand upon the concept today. In keeping with the traffic light theme (it seemed like a good idea!), I added a few extra LEDs and a digital switch so that someone can ‘cross the road’ by pressing the button to […]

Unpacking the Arduino: making some traffic lights

My long-awaited Arduino Duemilanove board arrived today. Great! Now I have a use for all the miscellaneous electronic kit I have been randomly purchasing over the past week-and-a-half. After 10 minutes, it was connected, and the obligatory “Hello World” flashing-LED had been created. Woo! Sure it’s simple, but my entry into the world of physical […]

1 x Arduino short of a project

Ok, so I couldn’t wait for’s Arduino Starter Kits to come back into stock – I’m so impatient. I also didn’t want to pay $40 for US shipping (after having to admit I overspend on ‘gadgetry’), so I sourced an Arduino board from, and hit Maplin for just about everything else. As this […]